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European Student Programs
Ihre Deutsche Verbindung
3105 Crocus Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58501

Call 1 (701) 751-1665
Fax:  1 (701) 223-8904
We are open Evenings (after 5:00 PM Central) & Weekends!

Imported Candies
Haribo Gummi Bears
Haribo Roulette
Haribo Mega Roulette
Hitschler Softi Kau Bon Bon
Zotz Fizz Candy Strings

Toblerone Bars
Ritter Mini Sport Bars
Ritter Sport Bars
Kinder Schokolade
Lindt Lindor Milk Choc Truffles
Lindt Lindor Dark Choc Truffles
Lindt Lindow White Choc Truffles
Van Wyk One Dollar Bars

Christmas Advent Calendars

Call (701) 751-1665
for Lowest Prices in US


European Student Programs is: an organization that for over 44 years has provided German classes and clubs with imported candies and promotional products for the purpose of fundraising. We have knowledge in several facets of education and in retail / wholesale businesses.

Though we especially cater to German foreign language classes and clubs by supplying German and Swiss chocolates and candies; we will work with other organizations including bands, church groups, students planning a trip, and essentially anyone who needs to do some fund raising.

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We have the best candies and chocolates available, as well as German language t-shirts,  and Advent Calanders with delicious chocolate surprises

We have the lowest prices in the U.S.   Please compare our prices with anyone! If you find a lower price, just call us. We'll beat it.  We're open evenings and weekends.  Please see the page header for contact information and hours.

European Student Programs is not:  an on-line store where you can purchase things for retail consumption or single items.  We specialize in bulk products for the purpose of fund raising specifically targeted for German language students.

Call (701) 751-1665 for Lowest Prices in the US
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