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European Student Programs is: an organization that for over 50 years has provided German classes and clubs with imported candies and promotional products for the purpose of fundraising. We have knowledge in several facets of education and in retail / wholesale businesses.

However, due to the pandemic there have been major changes to the business. Due to the extreme loss of revenue based on schools closing, the business is no longer able to stock large amounts of inventory of various products. We will only be selling products that can be "drop shipped" per order from the business's distributors.

Available For This School Year!
WAWI Advent Calendars
Haribo Hanging Bears
Hitschler Softi Kau Bon Bon
Zotz Fizz Candy Strings
Van Wyke Chocolatiers
Van Wyke American Variety
Rugar Wafer Bars
Ritter Sport Bars
Kinder Schokolade

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European Student Programs still carries the finest imported chocolates and the advent calendars have delicious chocolate surprises.

Call 1 (701) 751-1665 for Lowest Prices in the US
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